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Clear PPF Car Wraps: Protect Your Car from Rocks, Chips, UV Damage, and Oxidization

Ceramic coatings are becoming ever so popular because they not only make cars look “showroom new” year-round, but they add years of protection from our harsh environment. Deluxe ceramic coatings are neatly ordered arrangements of Silicon (Si) and Oxygen (O) atoms in a 3d polymeric framework. This nano-ordering causes a highly durable, glass-like coating that greatly increases durability, chemical and light scratch resistance, as well as added UV protection. Ceramic coatings are designed to defend the painted surfaces against contaminants and to prevent them from bonding to applied surfaces by making them very hydrophobic.
Ask us about our most rigid (9H) Fusion Plus Ceramic 4-year protection plan.

Fusion Plus Clear Ceramic Coating for Cars by Xpel

Car Paint Protection Film Experts: The Deluxe Difference

Protect your vehicle’s paint from bugs, nicks, road salt, sand, rock chips, debris, stains and scratches with self-healing technology, seamless installation and a 10 year warranty. Our Clear Bra installers are trained to get it right the first time and we use only premium vinyl wraps for a durable product that protects and lasts. We can apply it to the entire vehicle for complete protection or just the front.

Clear Bra Self-Healing Technology – See It In Action!

Paint Protective Film (PPF) Installation

We use high-end, premium films like Invisi-Film by Madico® and Xpel’s Ultimate Film to protect your vehicle’s paint against road damage such as rock chips, debris, stains, and scratches without hurting the paint underneath.

  • Tough, Durable, and Maintenance Free
  • Protects Against Chips, Debris, Scuffs, and Scratches
  • Scratch and Stain Resistant
  • Adhesive Stability & Clarity
  • Self Healing Technology
  • Precise Computer Cut Patterns to Minimize Hand Cutting

Clear Bra PPF Is Not Just For Cars

RV’s | ATVs | Jet Skis | Boats | Motorcycles
High-Performance Vehicles | Tractors | Utility Vehicles

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window tinting

State-of-the-Art Invisible Paint Protection Films For The East Valley

Precise Machine-Cut Films, Modeled For Your Car

Deluxe Detail and Tint applies the latest technology that utilizes computer generated, pre-cut patterns designed to precisely match your vehicle. This eliminates the need for any cutting on or near the vehicle, protecting your car from potential damage.


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